Originally from Whitehaven, Will has been working in commercial photography since 2009, following a spell as an urban designer. He specialises in commercial over any other form of photography and has worked in Liverpool, West Cumbria and now in the capital of Cumbria, Carlisle. He enjoys working closely with business both locally and nationally as well as documenting his travels, playing with studio lighting and photographing the many events which take place throughout the year in Cumbria.
Will's reputation is founded on embodying four core qualities:


Working in the commercial sphere demands dedication. Will is a full-time photographer and works diligently to deliver your brief, meeting your expectations for quality, customer service and timescales.


You wouldn't hire a copywriter to simply type up what you've already written, and you wouldn't hire a photographer to simply photograph what you've already arranged. Will can bring new ideas to the challenge of visual communication, spotting the potential for creating unique and captivating images fitting your brand and your message.


Creating images which stand out from the crowd requires an understanding of light and lateral thinking. Will excels at coming up with creative solutions when the brief and conditions pose challenges to good photography.


Photography is a people-oriented profession and commercial photography is a form of communication. Will makes sure to understand your core values and what you need from a photographer. He performs his duties in an affable and relaxed manner, helping those who may feel uncomfortable in front of the lens and sees and captures the character of your business and the person within.