My Blog Is Now Self-hosted

15 Sep 2014
After deciding that API links to content on other sites required far too much maintenance to keep them all up to date, and failing to find a way to integrate my WordPress blog to my own website without simply using an iframe, I've decided to just host my blog myself. The CMS behind the site doesn't have the bells and whistles of WordPress, is clunky and requires me to write posts from within my host's admin system rather than a nice WordPress iPad app, but I have the peace of mind of knowing that it won't go down because they updated the API or because the iframe stopped working for whatever reason, and of knowing that Google isn't going to punish me for what it sees as duplicating content.

There's still a bit of work to do on it fixing some layout issues and trying to make it like an actual blog... I'd like to have comments at the very least, but at the moment it looks as though I have only one comments section for the whole blog rather that a comments list for each post.

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