Going Pro. How Much Should I Charge?

10 Mar 2015

A little while ago I wrote out a guide for how much to charge in the forums over at Digital Photography School. It is one of the most common questions photographers were coming to the forum to ask when they wanted to turn professional. Mostly they expected a short response, but the truth is the answer to the question has to come from you; a photographer on the other side of the world, working in a different market can't just give you a number and that's the answer. The answer to the question 'what to charge' is that you charge what you must charge. Your costs, your time and your lifestyle dictate that, and these are different for everyone. Once you come up with a price, how you justify that price is another matter entirely but the first thing you must do is understand what goes into the right price. click to load the rest of this article...

Writing For My Fellow Non-Writers.

27 Feb 2015

I had look at my blog and since moving domains I've been adding a new post approximately every ten days. However I haven't written much since the turn of the year and so I must address this. I had a few partially written posts lingering around so I figured the most suitable way to kick-start my writing habit was by writing about writing. Especially for one such as I who does not generally write to a professional standard; and this is about business so the 'M' word will be used (marketing), as this is why many people in all professions these days must get into the habit of writing. click to load the rest of this article...

Road Trip - Brief Debrief

30 Jan 2015

Between the 2nd and the 18th of January, me and a couple of friends went on our traditional road trip around Europe. Since then I've been pretty busy picking everything up again, arranging work as business picks up after Christmas, and putting into action my 2015 plans, so I haven't had much chance to write something about my trip in my blog. I have prepared a few photos though and posted these on my facebook profile, and will surely write more on my website about it come February. click to load the rest of this article...

To Recommend or not to Recommend

19 Jan 2015

Sometimes, you can't do a job you've been asked to quote for. That's just a fact of life, you might already have a booking at the date and time they want, and they're unable to select a different date and time. You might have a holiday planned, even self-employed people like a couple of weeks off a year and I wouldn't suggest you get into the habit of cancelling booked holidays because someone wanted you on one of the dates you'd be away (well not unless the value of the job far outstrips the value of the holiday). There's nothing you can do to change this, so the question is what to do if somebody approaches you for a date which you can't do. click to load the rest of this article...

My New Year's Resolution (not 1280 x 1024)

1 Jan 2015

Happy new year everyone. On the 2nd of January I go away for a two week road-trip around Spain and Morocco, so you won't hear from me for a while. I'm currently up to my eyeballs in packing, and completing various business-related tasks which must be completed before I leave, so I only have time to write a short post. It being New Year's Eve, the easy option when deciding what to write about was my new year's resolutions. click to load the rest of this article...

The Season Of Goodwill

24 Dec 2014

This week it's just going to be a short post as I'm busy with family over the Christmas period. I wanted to think of a seasonal theme for the topic, but if I'm honest I don't have a lot to say about Christmas, so I decided to write about goodwill instead. click to load the rest of this article...
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