Frequently Asked Questions



When should I contact you?

Now, if you know what you want then it is best to open discussions at the earliest stage possible. The earlier we speak and the more we speak to each other in the run up to the photo-shoot the more likely I am to know exactly what your requirements are. Photo-shoots organised at the last minute have a tendency to not meet customers requirements because important requirements weren't mentioned.

Technical Policies

All about file formats, sharpening, colour profiling, resolution... boring stuff like that. Still, worth looking at if you're a geek, have technical specs or are a designer.

Intellectual Property FAQ

I've brought together all those common questions about things such as usage, copyright, licencing and your own rights concerning the intellectual property into a separate FAQ. I follow standing industry practice in this area, where you are paying not simply for the labour costs of producing the images, but for the right to use them. I recommending reading through it if you have any concerns.

Terms and Conditions

Follow this link for a copy of all my terms and conditions exactly as they are written out on the reverse of all my documentation.