Frequently Asked Questions


What if the photo-shoot requires extra people such as models, stylists and assistants?

If you feel that you would like to use a model, stylist or other professional for your photo-shoot then we can come to an agreement whether you would like me to hire these additional people and add the cost to the overall fee, or whether you would be more comfortable hiring your own people separately. I may also recommend after discussing your requirements that they would best be met if we bring in certain specialists.

You are perfectly free to bring in your own stylists and models, although I would recommend speaking to me beforehand as I may have my own recommendations and also in the interests of knowing what I'm going to do before I turn up. I would draw the line however at customers bringing in their own people to act as photographers' assistants, good assistants are hard to find and fostering a good working relationship is important in ensuring any photo-shoots they are involved in run smoothly. For this reason if an assistant is needed I will provide one myself.

Technical Policies

All about file formats, sharpening, colour profiling, resolution... boring stuff like that. Still, worth looking at if you're a geek, have technical specs or are a designer.

Intellectual Property FAQ

I've brought together all those common questions about things such as usage, copyright, licencing and your own rights concerning the intellectual property into a separate FAQ. I follow standing industry practice in this area, where you are paying not simply for the labour costs of producing the images, but for the right to use them. I recommending reading through it if you have any concerns.

Terms and Conditions

Follow this link for a copy of all my terms and conditions exactly as they are written out on the reverse of all my documentation.