Frequently Asked Questions


When will I need to pay?

I will send you the invoice as soon as the photographs are first delivered to you. As a paper copy enclosed with the CD if I'm sending you photographs in the post, or as a digital copy (PDF) if the images are to be transferred to you. The invoice will have the due date written down on it, but this will be one calendar month after the invoice issue date.

You may have requests for edits, wish to see alternatives after receiving the photographs for the first time however the invoice will still be issued the first time photographs are sent out. This is because I don't want to have to rush you though any of these decisions, you're free to make them in your own time.

If I need to register as a supplier for your organisation's purchasing system then I'm happy to do this and understand that it can lead to delays while I wait for a purchase order to invoice to. For this reason I would be grateful if was made aware that such a system is in place as soon as possible when you first contact me, giving me time to register and the PO to be raised.

Technical Policies

All about file formats, sharpening, colour profiling, resolution... boring stuff like that. Still, worth looking at if you're a geek, have technical specs or are a designer.

Intellectual Property FAQ

I've brought together all those common questions about things such as usage, copyright, licencing and your own rights concerning the intellectual property into a separate FAQ. I follow standing industry practice in this area, where you are paying not simply for the labour costs of producing the images, but for the right to use them. I recommending reading through it if you have any concerns.

Terms and Conditions

Follow this link for a copy of all my terms and conditions exactly as they are written out on the reverse of all my documentation.