Frequently Asked Questions


How much will it cost?

The cost of the photography is a factor of how much time it takes to create, be aware though that more goes into a photography commission than simply turning up with a camera and shooting away. Depending on your expectations and on what the commission is there will also be the time spent preparing for the shoot, running through creative ideas, and editing and delivering the photographs afterwards.

On occasion if you become regular customer with predictable requirements we can produce a bespoke menu of prices for you.

On top of this there may be expenses, particularly travel expenses (at the government's set mileage rate).

Technical Policies

All about file formats, sharpening, colour profiling, resolution... boring stuff like that. Still, worth looking at if you're a geek, have technical specs or are a designer.

Intellectual Property FAQ

I've brought together all those common questions about things such as usage, copyright, licencing and your own rights concerning the intellectual property into a separate FAQ. I follow standing industry practice in this area, where you are paying not simply for the labour costs of producing the images, but for the right to use them. I recommending reading through it if you have any concerns.

Terms and Conditions

Follow this link for a copy of all my terms and conditions exactly as they are written out on the reverse of all my documentation.